Friday, March 29, 2013

On a turquoise cloud

The final is over with no glitches on our side. I won't know for a while how the students did or how many of them took it, but the forum seems generally happy.

So for this one day I'm taking a break. On a turquoise cloud.

No, that's not me finding my inner poet. It's Duke Ellington, and I'm celebrating my son's appearance on iTunes.

Just in case people think Stat professors have no other lives ...

He's in high school now, but he was 12 then and oh, how smoothly he sent those high notes soaring ... He sings with the Pacific Boychoir Academy and it was an honor for him to record with Marcus Shelby and his jazz orchestra, one of the finest jazz ensembles in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Students in Berkeley see me at cafes and stores and performances and so on. But students of the MOOC know me only as The Voice. It's very strange. So every now and then I'm going to throw something like this into the blog, because some students are reading it.

I'm on the Board of the Pacific Boychoir. It's a way of giving something back for the joys the PBA has brought to the life of my family.

Armando Fox, Director of BerkeleyX, is on the Board of the Altarena Playhouse, a local theatre.

We have to find the hours in the day for all this, but hours are there to be found if you're willing to forego sleep. I've become very familiar with how the house feels at 3 a.m.

Tomorrow the whole routine will start again: making slides, recording the voice-over, putting together exercise sets, double checking the schedule, trying to figure out a way to make the discussion forum more organized, wishing I had the students in front of me ...

But not today. Today I'm a lady of leisure.

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